An Abrupt, Displaced Post.

When I started this blog, I had it clear that I wanted to follow a chronological order in telling my tales. Tonight, however, I’m going to skip a year’s worth of experiences to talk about something that has just rocked my world.





Yes, it finally happened. After a 14 months wait, I finally sat for and passed the exam. This means that my probationary period is over. Now, I’m officially certified as a teacher of English by the state. I don’t have to worry about anyone taking over my position.

The educational committee who came to inspect whether or not I was fit to teach decided I was qualified to keep the job permanently. They attended to two different lessons with two different classes and interviewed me for almost one hour. This success, as expected as it was, did make me feel a lot more relaxed. My hard work paid off, and now, I can finally go to work without feeling any less important than any other teacher in the school.

I know that most of my articles tend to be rather pessimistic, so I think this one can be good for a change  😉

Well, I just wanted to share this piece of news with you. Stay tuned for new articles soon.



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6 responses to “An Abrupt, Displaced Post.”

  1. Ikram Benzouine says :

    Congratulations again! No one should dare to take over your position because they can’t be as good as you are, ANYWAY!
    One question, why is it that you chose “rain” as your blog’s name? Is there any underlying reason for that? (nosy me!)

    • RainDancer says :

      Thanks Ikram. I knew no one would take my position (arrogant me!), but You know when things aren’t official, you keep thinking of the worst that could happen 😉
      Well, I guess I chose Rain because I love rain and I think it should be celebrated 🙂 🙂

  2. Lynne Diligent says :

    Congratulations! I also don’t feel your posts are pessimistic. To me they feel positive, like someone looking for solutions.

    • RainDancer says :

      Thank you, Lynne.
      Sometimes I think people might think that all I do is nag about my situation. It’s great to know you think I REALLY look for solutions.
      Thanks a lot 🙂 🙂

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